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Collect Online Reviews Easily

Use our C.O.R.E system to grow online reviews

Collect Online Reviews Easily (C.O.R.E.)

Daily Interaction is needed

Google & Yelp are not a set it and forget it type of listing. You can’t just set up an account and expect amazing results. Your account must be interacting with your potential customers daily.

Learn how to get 5 star reviews

Improve SEO rankings 25% with fresh daily reviews using our one tap review stand

Several Choices for you

See examples of our different options for collecting online reviews easily (C.O.R.E)

Yelp Stand

Choose a Yelp or Google Review stand

Portable Review Card

Carry our retractable Google & Yelp review card with you so satisfied customers can INSTANTLY provide a 5 star review, boosting your daily rankings with constant reviews

Explanation of the C.O.R.E. system

Automate and boost your daily reviews to get ranked higher for DAILY interactions with your customers.

Watch how easy it is

Make gathering daily 5 star reviews effortlessly. Perfect for trade shows, mobile workers, field staff and service providers who visit clients at their home.

36 second Demo

Watch how quickly your customers can tap the review card and start writing their 5 star review INSTANTLY

Google Business Optimization services

Allow us to optimize your Google result$



One low Flat Fee - no endle$$ billing

Focused on results for local small business

Enhanced Online Visibility.

Increased Click Through Rates.

Improved Local Search Rankings.

Accurate and Consistent Information.

Review Monitoring and Reputation Management.

Google Insights and Analytics.

Optimization of Business Description and Categories.

Integration with Other Google Services.

Handling Special Features.

Time and Resource Savings.

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Let your customers skip the line and order from their phones

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